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Environmental responsibility

NKT takes its responsibility for the environment seriously. Our awareness influences all aspects of our planning and operations. We believe being environmentally responsible is the right thing to do for our future, the future of our employees and the future of their families.

Our approach is simple:

Do more

We comply with all applicable laws and regulations but wherever possible we will aim to go beyond compliance and use our experience and expertise in environmental processes to achieve the highest levels of environmental responsibility. Our pioneering 'Go Green' strategy also offers our customers products that reduce their impact on the environment.

Save more

Although our cable activities have very little environmental impact, the leadership team at NKT continue to challenge the organisation by setting tough targets to reduce that impact further. Recent initiatives have been focused around saving natural resources and saving energy.

Reduce more

Our leadership team continually aim to make our operations more efficient and reduce our impact on the environment. Recently, we have been able to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions by 3% and we aim to reduce it further. Awareness campaigns, process optimisations, heating recycling, lighting replacement and compressed air improvements are implemented in all our locations. We also monitor our transport-related CO2 emissions and minimise business travel.

Reuse more

NKT' recycling centre in Stenlille (Denmark) is able to recycle all of our products into new raw materials instead of sending it for disposal or landfill.

Think more

When sourcing components and materials for our products we source from like-minded environmentally aware, ethical companies and focus on Conflict-Free sourcing.

Beyond compliance

We comply with all applicable laws and permits, however NKT environmental activities are not limited to fulfill existing regulatory requirements. We are doing more than required to improve from identified opportunities. We proactively monitor and evaluate the compliance and act according to our Code of Conduct. Fundamental element of environmental management is common group policy. We always consider local conditions in planning process and support site specific HSE improvement plans to bring environmental processes to the highest level.

Saving of natural resources

Environmental impact from cable production is relatively small and mainly related to CO2 emission and the use of limited natural resources, especially copper. During the last few years NKT has successfully implemented multiple initiatives, achieving significant reduction in energy consumption and the utilization of natural resources.

Leadership challenge the organization by setting targets to always improve our environmental footprint.

Reducing Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission

Direct and indirect CO2 emission is object of monitoring and optimization. Our company achieves significant accomplishments in this matter. GHG reduction relative to output were reduced compared with the last reporting period by 6%, while absolute emissions were reduced by 3% and totaled 81180 tones. Awareness campaigns, process optimizations, heating recycling, lightning replacement, compressed air improvements are continuously implemented in our locations. We monitor and reduce our CO2 emission from transportation of our goods by optimizing loadings as well as reduced business travels. 

Waste reduction

Continuous efforts to reduce waste is a point of interest for each process step. We systematically improve material utilization from the early stage of the design of the product to the process reliability of manufacturing. Waste separation and mitigation of landfilled wastes is another way how NKT strives to influence on our environmental footprint. We take care about the end-life of our products starting from the design. NKT recycling center in Stenlille (Denmark) are able to recycle all our products into new raw materials that are used in our and other industries, instead of sending it for disposal or landfill. 


REACH is seen worldwide as the best-in-class chemical law, because of its risk-based approach. NKT follow the REACH requirements mainly by identification and application of appropriate measures based on safety data sheets and exposure scenarios. Our company inform suppliers in case of new information on the hazards or risks. We monitor our compliance with regulatory requirements for chemicals of concern, especially SVHC’s.

Conflict minerals

NKT is sourcing components and materials from companies that share our values around human rights, ethics and environmental responsibility and meet our sustainability expectations, including Conflict Free sourcing.

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