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Safety responsibility

NKT has always prioritised providing a safe, secure and happy working environment for all our employees, and believes that this is not only an inherently desirable aim, but also helps us in achieving our goals and high levels of quality and productivity.

In 2015, we also launched our Excellence 2020 strategy, which aims to put even more emphasis on providing a safe workplace for our employees in order to meet our long-term goals, which are achieving the highest standards in the industry and completely eliminating workplace accidents. 

Safety Culture

At NKT we work with passion to strengthen the culture of safe behavior. We take advantage from creativity of our employees and listen to their ideas for improving safety processes. NKT promotes a healthy, safe and environmental friendly lifestyle not only to keep current health status, but also to improve it. We want to go beyond actual requirements when we see opportunities to eliminate hazards.

To get excellence in safety we have initiated cooperation with the leader in safety management. Taking advantage from DuPont world-class safety program, we started “STOP observations”. It engages people on different levels of the organization in regular dialogs about safety to increase awareness and recognition of hidden hazards.

Safety Buddy

To help build and develop our safety culture, each year one employee wins a 'Safety Buddy' award through voting by their colleagues, to recognise outstanding achievement in helping to promote and maintain safety and security throughout our workplace.

Safety Excellence Award

Our Safety Excellence Award further allows us to not only encourage but actively reward our employees for contributions to our best practices for safety around our facilities. These have helped promote new projects and developments, aimed at taking us to the highest possible level of safety and elimination of potential dangers.

Our first award resulted in over 20 safety-related programmes being developed, which were rolled out across our many branches.

Accidents prevention

As a result of all of these efforts, initiatives and programs, we have seen a continual decline in the rate of accidents per one million working hours. Since 2013, this rate has been reduced by an impressive 49% to 4.8 in 2015, showing the benefits of our culture of safety philosophy. All of this will help us progress towards our ultimate target of zero workplace accidents.

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