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Solutions for optimal and lasting cable performance - prevention, preparation and mitigation of failures

Trust NKT for expert operation and maintenance services, ensuring the longevity and peak performance of your cable networks.
Our in-house cable technicians and strict spare parts management guarantee seamless operation. With proactive repair preparedness plans and flexible service level agreements, we minimize downtime and optimize overall performance.
baltic cable repair offshore
Submarine cable repairs are critical, with each day of downtime causing considerable economic damage. The traditional approach to spare cables and joints is costly as each asset typically has separate spares. This leads to excessive amounts of capital tied up in spares, high warehousing and maintenance expenses as well as unnecessary waste.
Introducing NKT's Adaptive Rigid Sea Joint, a groundbreaking solution for submarine cable repairs. Compatible with common HVAC submarine cables (110 kV to 300 kV), it employs a common base and adaptive components, significantly reducing spare parts stock.  With a broad applicability range, shared components, and trained jointers, NKT's solution minimizes costs and waste while increasing the resilience and performance of your submarine cable systems.

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Spare Parts Management

Ensure swift cable repair with our reliable and cost-effective spare parts management solution for submarine cables.