Operation & Maintenance

Solutions for optimal and lasting cable performance - prevention, preparation and mitigation of failures

Trust NKT for expert operation and maintenance services, ensuring the longevity and peak performance of your cable networks.
Our in-house cable technicians and strict spare parts management guarantee seamless operation. With proactive repair preparedness plans and flexible service level agreements, we minimize downtime and optimize overall performance.
Cable Monitoring Solutions
Power cables have become indispensable for the security of energy supply. Therefore, ensuring safety and maximizing the performance of cable assets is both crucial and challenging. Our NKT Cable monitoring solutions, covering both internal and external monitoring, support you in maximizing the throughput of your cables, avoiding failures and reducing outage time, as well as prolonging the lifetime of your cable systems.
Whether we are maximizing power transmission based on real-time temperature readings, reducing outage times by quickly finding faults utilizing monitored vibrations or preventing faults by tracking vessel activity, we will ensure seamless operation.
But the key benefits of a monitoring system comes when you integrate sensors together with real-life knowledge and experience. You need access to the experts to draw the right conclusions and make the right recommendations. Reach out to us if you want to learn more.

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Cable Monitoring Solutions

Maximize cable utility with NKT's monitoring solutions for secure energy supply. Over 130 years of expertise ensures reliable support.