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Building Wires

For easier, faster and safer jobs

Our range of installation cables are designed to provide an efficient and optimised working environment, excellent results and easier handling of packaging.

Seamless and Flexible Installations

When we develop an installation cable at NKT, the best working environment is always an important parameter.
This means that our cables are compliant, easily scaled, easy to assemble and that they have as low friction as possible. A low-friction cable easily slides out of the package and through pipes or flexible conduits without the slightest resistance.

Always a neat result

We know that the visual result is very important for installers. Therefore, we want to supply cable that provides stylish bends and high resistance to discolouration. When you choose cable from NKT you can rest assured that the end result will be very neat.

Our smart packaging makes the job easier

All electricians know how tedious it is to carry heavy and cumbersome cables, chase rolling cable drums or pull curled cable out of cardboard boxes.
At NKT, we want to help the installers' everyday work life by developing smart and ergonomic packaging that enhances the working environment.

See how our building wires are produced in the below animation

Technical expertise and a solid understanding of materials are essential to ensuring high quality and safety of our building wires throughout the entire production process. Have a look at our new animation, and discover all the different steps in the process.
Low voltage cable being scaled by installer
Installer dropping low voltage cable coil on the ground
Researcher examining cable sample

Halogen-Free for Safety and the Environment

We carry a large assortment of halogen-free cables that meet all necessary CPR requirements within the EU. Thus, our cables contribute to safe and environmentally friendly building projects.

Safer Installations with the CPR Standard

A new coordinated EU standard for cables became mandatory 2017. The new standard is included in the CPR (Construction Products Regulation) and concerns fire classification and test methods for cables used in buildings.
To satisfy the requirements of this standard, at NKT we have developed our processes so that we can test cables in accordance with applicable guidelines and with checks from third parties. This means that our cables are completely up to date in terms of performance and classification.

Development in Our Own Laboratories

We develop and test our cables in our own research laboratories in close proximity to our factories in Denmark and Sweden. Having the lab so close to production is a great advantage.
We have ongoing dialogue between developers, customer service and production, which makes us responsive and flexible to the customers.

I was pleasantly surprised. The cable was easy to strip and felt thin, but still stable.

— Per Urm, Midroc Electro

Smart installer solutions

Make your job more easy


Qaddy® from NKT is an integrated cable reel, pay-off and drum trolley which significantly improves working conditions for electricians with its revolutionary ergonomic design.

Qable Box

Our Qable box is easy to stabilise, helps keeping track of inventory, and provides a good overview during storage and transport.

Quick Coil

Select Quick Coil for installations that require mobility and simplicity. With the preferred cable, rolled in plastic shrink film, you can easily move between different spaces and tasks.

Rip Cord

An efficient rip cord is of great help to installers in many situations. We have taken this into account and now integrate rip cords into many of our cable products.